Standard chargers

If you ever needed another lesson for the benefits of a sustainability, the launch of CLP’s brand new charging station for electric vehicles is a neat reminder.

What does a mobile phone, a netbook, and an electric vehicle have in common?  Each manufacturer has a different connection for re-charging your battery.  CLP’s new EV station to be located in Jordan, Hong Kong, will only support three Japanese brands of the various EV manufacturers, and particularly noticeable by its absence Hong Kong’s own EV the MyCar is also overlooked.

My own experience is no different, my laptop, mobile phone, camera, blackberry and MP3 player each have different chargers and connections. As individual consumers it is difficult to demand a standard, but that is exactly what we do need, a common standard. As production volumes increase, it reduces the cost, and future waste and environmental impact. I’ll be happier when I have few chargers not more.

– John Herbert, consultant, Kelcroft E&M Limited
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