reflective white roof more effective than lawn for greening existing buildings by John A. Herbert

Commonsense really…..

reflectA reflective white roof is more effective than lawn for greening existing buildings, here is a link to my article published on LinkedIn

roof lawn

The green roof stemmed from a bright idea to help bring the countryside into the city, at first wild meadows were envisaged, a haven for wildlife, perhaps safe nesting for urban birdlife too.

But somewhere along the way, just having green, suddenly became the symbol and then the overriding goal, spawning rafts of neatly trimmed lawns adding little or no biodiversity value. But instead, demanding high maintenance, requiring careful mowing, fertilizer, and water, almost the inverse of the first principle, I don’t count lawns as a green roof, and neither should you.

Calculations provide the evidence, for an air conditioned buildings, a white, reflective roof with high SRI, will save more energy than a regular lawn, using BD ottv data it’s more than 38% better than a lawn, and it does not need trimming or fertilizer!