16 yr olds don’t believe adults can handle environmental issues

website screenshot BBC Newsround

The BBC Newsround programme https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51451737 conducted a survey of 16 year olds was an eye opener, the survey found 4 out of 5 were concerned with climate change issues (see graphic below), 1 in 5 reported bad dreams, and critically, they don’t trust their parents handling environmental issues.

CREDIT BBC newsround (https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/51451737)

Interestingly, it reminds me of the SCMP survey in Hong Kong, 82% of respondents don’t believe corporate sustainability slogans (i.e. greenwashing). We should not be surprized, the Hong Kong carbon repository (https://www.carbon-footprint.hk/) only has data reported for about 80 out of 2,300 listed companies, fewer still have an updated entry (accessed 29-11-2020). So why are listed companies shy and hiding their GHG emissions?

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HP ProBook 440 G7 Laptop BIOS and Other Upgrades Nov. 2020 – Don’t

DONT upgrade.

I made a big mistake, on 5-Nov. 2020 HP send notice for upgrading the HP software on my HP ProBook 440 G7 laptop. I hesitated, then relented, and hit install all in HP software dialog. This is not a windows 10 upgrade its HP own upgrade.

Now my machine is useless, it takes nearly an hour to start, I can’t see any online fix. just to add icing on the cake, the HP software that actually manages updating, well that does not run anymore either. It is complete joke.