Same Advice Same Result

by John Herbert

Go ahead, keep issuing the exact same advice daily.

Although the number of COVID infections involving building drainage systems is scary, and is increasing day by day.

Yet, the exact same advice is issued in the press release every day, that does not make any sense. Is it an inter-department issue, whose responsibility?

It is exactly same text in the 100’s of Press Releases before it. Go figure.

click here for a list of sick buildings

Avoiding Group Think

You might be familiar with the term Group Think, created because groups often return the same decision, the brief video explains how people make choices.

The nine people in the group each pick option C, what do you pick?

It is based on fascinating research from 1950’s by Asch, who created the Asch conformity¬†experiments.

Solomon Asch found that it is difficult for the individual not to follow the opinion of the group. So the next time you find yourself in group, remember to escape group think.