Producer Responsibility Schemes

by John Herbert

Efforts to hold producers responsible for plastic containers overlooks the big picture, and the use of plastic in the whole supply chain.

Focusing on the end product, the plastic bottle waste avoids the vast quantities of waste used in the supply chain.

For distribution plastic bottles are bundled in a package, containing say 12 bottes, and then wrapped in plastic. These packages are bundled and distributed on shipping pallets, and these pallets are also typically wrapped in plastic. And here in Hong Kong, the trolley’s used to deliver goods to the supermarkets are also wrapped in plastic.

Placing the focus and responsibility back on the producer for containers must be welcome, but don’t think that will solve plastic pollution, it is one part of the overall whole picture.

A recent video published by the BBC demonstrated that the innocent tea bag used by some companies also use plastic! Here is a link to the video:

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