how public spaces make cities work – TED 2014 talk

Everyday we are bombarded with new advice to create smarter cities, mainly claiming some type of utopian solution, scaremongers point to the extra billion people that will live in the future cities and everybody is getting on the bandwagon. A recent presentation by an electrical switchgear company for claimed they would make your city smart! However, the common thread is that people are often missing from these tech solutions, no amount of software or hardware will enrich city living when there is no usable open space left.

This is a short TED inspiring talk, planners across Asia need to grasp and embrace before every square metre is covered by a bland concrete desert, compare your typical Hong Kong sitting out area (aka park) which is more like a prison yard surrounded by high fencing, with the new park in Manhattan, NY where the railing is wide enough for your work/lunch space, or the New York hi-line project, and you’ll get the picture.

sitting out area