Same Advice Same Result

by John Herbert

Go ahead, keep issuing the exact same advice daily.

Although the number of COVID infections involving building drainage systems is scary, and is increasing day by day.

Yet, the exact same advice is issued in the press release every day, that does not make any sense. Is it an inter-department issue, whose responsibility?

It is exactly same text in the 100’s of Press Releases before it. Go figure.

click here for a list of sick buildings

More Microplastic

by John Herbert

The pollution of the environment continues, microplastics have been found in the ocean, in the fish we eat, in our cities we live, in the mountains, in the air we breathe, and at the end of 2020 the latest discovery with microplastic in the placenta of humans. The sample size is tiny, but it is positive evidence, here is the link to the study:

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16 yr olds don’t believe adults can handle environmental issues

website screenshot BBC Newsround

The BBC Newsround programme conducted a survey of 16 year olds was an eye opener, the survey found 4 out of 5 were concerned with climate change issues (see graphic below), 1 in 5 reported bad dreams, and critically, they don’t trust their parents handling environmental issues.

CREDIT BBC newsround (

Interestingly, it reminds me of the SCMP survey in Hong Kong, 82% of respondents don’t believe corporate sustainability slogans (i.e. greenwashing). We should not be surprized, the Hong Kong carbon repository ( only has data reported for about 80 out of 2,300 listed companies, fewer still have an updated entry (accessed 29-11-2020). So why are listed companies shy and hiding their GHG emissions?

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