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John A. Herbert Hong Kong energy expert

I was born in Cardiff (capital city of Wales, United Kingdom) in 1964,  since my earliest days I was fascinated the mysteries of how things work, I spent many of my formative years dismantling train sets, toys, motors, and mechanical devices, all dissected for examination, much to my parents annoyance! That curiously led to my engineering (Building Services) career.

John A. Herbert BEAM award

John A. Herbert (right) BEAM award 25-9-2015

John A. Herbert

John A. Herbert – green building speech

I worked in the United Kingdom for M&E consultant firms, and even managed a stint at local government (now defunct Mid Glamorgan County Council).  In 1993 I was transferred to Hong Kong for one year contract, I fell in love with the place, I stayed, and founded my own M&E consulting engineering firm.  After seven years I earned HKSAR permanent residency status.

John A. Herbert Hong Kong china energy consultant, sustainability consultant

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In 1998, I founded Kelcroft (http://www.Kelcroft.com.hk) a built environment M&E engineering consultancy practice, along the way I joined the BEAM Society and was elected to sit on the BEAM Executive Committee, and later as a director of BEAM Society Limited, the only real organisation to influence sustainable building in Hong Kong.

In more recent times, in 2008 I helped found the Hong Kong Association of Energy Services Companies, known as HAESCO, I am one of the founding directors, and I was vice-chairman until 2013.

John A. Herbert, Hong Kong


With more nearly thirty years experience in the construction industry, covering design, management, energy, green building, commercial and industry sectors I still witness too much waste, too many energy hogging facilities, that prompted increasing focus towards sustainability, green, and the pursuit of building energy efficiency.

I was a founding member of the Hong Kong BEAM Faculty , HKGBC Faculty, and  chairman of the BEAM Faculty Innovation and Framework group until June 2012.

In June 2012 I was appointed to be a founding member of the Hong Kong Green Building Council’s Faculty, a member of its selection committee, and chairman of the technical panel for Water Aspects.

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I am BEAM Professional since its inception in 2010 (equivalent to LEED AP) and I teach sustainable green building and prepared the questions for the BEAM Professional examination. Also I am an EMSD registered energy assessor (REA) in Hong Kong.  In 2013, I was appointed chair of the BEAM Technical Review Panel.

I do worry about people that describe themselves as “expert” because in my view we should never stop learning, so expertise is a really an on-going process.  Presently, I am studying a MBA (Sustainability) . If you are not completely bored, you can read more about my career here.

John A. Herbert

Right: John A. Herbert @ IFMA – FM & CRE Monthly Mixer 11 Mar 2011

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