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More focus on climate change

The SCMP newspaper (unlinkable article) reports a survey that found …..two-thirds of Hong Kong’s respondents thought the government should place a higher priority on climate change, while 30 per cent thought the current priority was appropriate Now I haven’t seen sight of this survey, but it is an interesting idea. People in general tend to [...]

John Herbert Keynote speech at Energy Business forum June 2009

A Big Ask

I know many have high hopes for the forthcoming treaty negotiations in Copenhagen, I don’t. In my view only an overwhelming ground swell of public opinion today has a chance to sway our local officials from the typical do nothing course. Need evidence? Let’s review the Hong Kong Council for Sustainable Development media output over [...]

Carbon Reporting with only one catch.

Really the Hong Kong the government is so far behind the curve in environmental matters I am surprised that it is not a serious concern for business, or are they blind to the risk? Instead of leading Asia, we lag behind the so called developing countries, and it is our economy that will suffer. I [...]


Current CO2 level in the Earth’s atmosphere

Energy Efficiency is by far the fastest, most benign to the environment, and cost effective weapon we have to tackle climate change – and time is running out for voluntary action. Governments across the planet are finally realising that it is very much harder to the promised reach targets, although most were only modest goals [...]

US – China Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change

A Source For EE Quotes I know it is hard to find good quote for your EE presentations, so the report report by the The Asia Society  A Roadmap for U.S.-China Cooperation on Energy and Climate Change is welcome. However, it is worth noting that the fixation with CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequestration) as a [...]