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diesel powered irrigation II

by John A. Herbert Hong Kong, a diesel truck coasts along the fast lane of the highway (near MegaBox) to water the plants. It was a hot day, so spraying (misting) water into the air helps it evaporate easily wasting water. At the same time the opportunity to use rainwater from the highway directly above [...]


Air Conditioning Leakage

by John A. Herbert Spring has arrived, the humidity is increasing and air conditioning and their power consumption start in earnest. Air conditioning systems rely upon converting electrical energy at the central chiller to chilled water, yet these veins, the chilled pipes are often hidden from view, deep inside the building behind locked plant room [...]

Right idea wrong scale

Handling food waste is a global problem, but is all food waste equal?  There is waste from dining generated in homes, restaurants, and Dai Pai Dong’s, and there is food waste from markets, wet markets and supermarkets, the latter being past the sell by date. HKSAR Government intends create four food waste to energy plants, but [...]


zero carbon building hong kong

Design vs Performance

Building regulations, Energy codes, and like tend to specify a performance parameters for the design stage, not actual building performance. The building code requires a certain OTTV  (Overall Thermal Transmittance Value) defined by w/sqm, for the building envelope. However, the delivered performance is never measured. The energy code also requires air conditioning chillers to meet certain [...]

Hong Kong Green Speed Dating

17th January 2012 save the date! Cleantuesday and the French chamber of commerce in Hong Kong (FCCIHK) are pushing the boundaries and opening 2012 with a new idea, here is the Cleantuesday  link No more excuses!!! Join : “Green Business Networking Speed-Dating” organized by the FCCIHK and its Green business committee. Its a  speed-Networking-event  for companies in the [...]

Regulatory Support for BEAM Plus Green Building

As manufacturing moved North into China, Hong Kong has been left with a legacy of under utilized factory space and industrial buildings. There is only so much demand for low yield warehouse and storage space, so opportunities to move up the value chain, converting to higher yielding properties such as lofts, commercial, and hotel accommodation [...]


Poorly Maintained AC is a Health Hazard

As the mercury hovers above 30 Deg C buzzing air conditioning units working overtime are commonplace in street and offices across the city.  And if you’re a facility operator or business owner you also need to ensure that the air conditioning system is properly maintained, not only to maintain energy efficiency but also to prevent [...]

inverted sustainability

The HKSAR Council for Sustainable Development (CSD) conducted a year long consultation exercise titled Building Design to Foster a Quality and Sustainable Built Environment. And now CSD has released the report [link]. One of the many issues raised in by the public was the coveted green features deal [BD Joint Practice Note 01],[BD Joint Practice [...]


Sustainability article in SCMP newspaper

I was recently interviewed by the leading English language newspaper (www.scmp.com) on the topic of sustainability, and greening business. just in case you missed the article (68OK PDF one page, published 8-03-2010) – John Herbert,Consultant, Kelcroft we help lower the cost of doing business in Asia No related posts.

ecobuildmagazine launched Hong Kong

In what can only be viewed as another boost for the sustainability sector, a new bi-lingual magazine has been launched titled ecobuild (see cover below). It published by the RFP group, and is accompanied by a website www.ecobuildmagazine.com This inaugural issue covers several related topics and features a LEED certified restaurant in Hong Kong. – [...]



HKGBC a slow start?

After all the talk, and it seems even less planning, HKGBC has been slow to gain any momentum whatsoever since the launch in 20 November 2009. In fact I submitted my HKGBC membership on the day after the inauguration conference (21 November 2009) so it was a surprise to receive a letter from HKGBC on [...]

HKGBC inauguration 20 November 2009

Here is the link to the speech by the Hong Kong Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam at the Hong Kong Green Building Council inauguration on 20 November 2009 http://www.devb-plb.gov.hk/eng/press/2009/200911200000.htm Here is the text for your reference: Following is the speech by the Secretary for Development, Mrs Carrie Lam, at the inauguration of the Hong [...]

Hong Kong Government adopts green building

Earlier this year  the Hong Kong Government finally discovered it needed to embrace Green Building, quietly in April 2009 word was issued for the adoption of green Government buildings. However, the joint circular was not widely advertised. Covert copies have changed hands under the table, as if it was some government secret.  So today, I [...]

More focus on climate change

The SCMP newspaper (unlinkable article) reports a survey that found …..two-thirds of Hong Kong’s respondents thought the government should place a higher priority on climate change, while 30 per cent thought the current priority was appropriate Now I haven’t seen sight of this survey, but it is an interesting idea. People in general tend to [...]

Energy efficient design opportunities lost

Lost Energy Efficiency Opportunites

Often you don’t even need to go inside a building to see opportunities for energy conservation in Hong Kong.  Sadly this opportunity (refer photograph) was many lost years ago at design stage when the lighting control strategy was planned and conceived. Perhaps it is not clear from the photograph, I took this photo on a [...]