Avoiding Group Think

You might be familiar with the term Group Think, created because groups often return the same decision, the brief video explains how people make choices.

The nine people in the group each pick option C, what do you pick?

It is based on fascinating research from 1950’s by Asch, who created the Asch conformity¬†experiments.

Solomon Asch found that it is difficult for the individual not to follow the opinion of the group. So the next time you find yourself in group, remember to escape group think.

The lights are ON but nobody is home

I recently conducted an energy audit of a building discovering an entire floor of unoccupied plant rooms with the lights in every room switched “ON”.

The photograph below, is typical, yet another unoccupied plant room with the lights burning fuel late into the night.

Is it safe to assume there is a disconnect here? Actually, it is a common problem. The firms which are employed to operate our buildings don’t actually pay the energy bill every month, so there is no financial or other incentive to switch off unnecessary lighting fittings.

We know penalties don’t work, a system of positive incentives are needed here.